Our Mission

To be Australia’s leading provider of access to the best alternative asset managers and investments globally. In doing so, we look to create value for our clients, our partners and our people.

Our Investments

75 years of collective experience.

Our investment approach is founded on close to 75 years of collective experience, specifically in alternative asset Investment. Our leaders have gained experience and built their technical expertise at the most reputable investment banks and alternative asset managers in the world.

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GAF is able to deliver this by leveraging its:

Deep, long standing, relationships with the world’s best alternative asset managers

Strong technical and operational expertise across alternative asset classes.

Reputation for independence, integrity, alignment and transparency

What is the GAF process?

Manager and fund selection

GAF conducts ongoing active research to filter, and as appropriate, engage with top tier global alternative asset managers. This is done by leveraging our deep and longstanding relationships with managers as well as our strong technical expertise.


Active investment control

GAF arranges, for the managers it invests with, to pitch directly to investors, enabling ongoing relationships to be built. GAF facilitates active control, allowing investors to decide which funds and strategies to participate in.


Capital aggregation

GAF, via its online platform, aggregates capital and establishes Australian domiciled vehicles to present “one investor” to global managers, resulting in unprecedented access, lower overall fees and preferred terms for investors.


Streamlined investment process

GAF reviews, negotiates and executes all associated investment documentation, including PPMs, Data Room Information & Data, Tax Declarations and Subscription Agreements. Via our online investment process, our clients are able to independently diligence and invest with the managers they choose


Capital management

GAF manages all capital calls, distributions and associated cashflows over the life of the investments to ensure seamless cash management and to minimise execution costs.


Regular reporting

GAF reviews, distills and delivers quarterly reporting on an ongoing basis. As part of this process, GAF meets with managers regularly and monitors investments to ensure managers stay true to their mandate and investments are reflected accordingly in reports to GAF’s investors.

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How we do it

What does GAF look for in a manager?

Robust processes

Focus on operational value creation and responsible ownership

Well articulated and demonstrated due diligence process

Clear and differentiated relative value investment approach

Significant resources

Proprietary sourcing channels and dedicated execution specialists

Rigorous governance, audit, ESG and risk management frameworks

Dedicated investment and operational teams with deep and relevant experience

Strong and consistent performance

Detailed operational and performance reporting

Alignment with investors and investment targets’ management teams

Strong track record through investment and economic cycles